Benefits of Sleeping [Infographic]

This infographic from the folks at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America teaches us why sleeping is beneficial to the body. Personally, I know why I need I won't be grumpy. Period. Lol. I also love to have lucid dreams which is the ability to recognize that one is dreaming and then be able to manipulate the dream and literally make one's dreams come true...within the dream. Making one's dreams come true in "real life" however, that's a totally different story.

How To Increase Chances Of Having A Lucid Dream

Have you ever wondered how you can induce a lucid dream? According to the following piece, there are different techniques that can be implemented in order to gain control of your dreams. Some of the techniques that they mention range from reality checks to mantra induced lucid dreams. Read through it and let us know what you think. 

What Are Dreams?

Have you ever wondered why we have dreams? There are so many theories out there, where to even begin. Some say that dreams are our brain's way of organizing what we have learned in the past in order to better understand what we need to do now and in the future. Others say that dreams are our consciousness experiencing alternate realities or dimensions. Anyhow, there are a bunch of theories we can go over but we suggest you come up with one yourself.

Controlling Your Dreams [Infographic]

The following infographic about lucid dreaming is very informative.  It is full of tips and tricks on how you can increase your chances of controlling your dreams. It even claims that you can develop telekinetic abilities! That would be incredibly awesome. I have personally always wanted to have supernatural powers. How about being able to master Jedi mind tricks like in Star Wars or being able to literally manipulate matter like Magneto in X-Men? Who knows, maybe we aren't ready spiritually and mentally for such things, but in our dreams, the world would be safe from our crazy imaginations. Anyhow, check out the following infographic and let us know what you think.

Keep Calm And Lucid Dream

Came across this image while navigating the wonderful world of the internet. Thought I would share it with all of you. Always try to focus on positive vibes and take control of your dreams so that you can take control of your life! It's not a secret anymore that our thoughts can literally change our environment. Thought are that travels through space and time. If you doubt it, then do the research. The answers are out there...and within you.

Keep Calm And Lucid Dream

Is The Sleep World An Alternate Reality?

I wouldn't argue with these scientists. I believe they are correct. Elon Musk himself has indicated that he believes we are not living in actual reality. According to him, we have a much higher chance of residing within a virtual reality versus living in the "real world"...whatever that means. Brings back memories of The Matrix. Anyways read the following and let us know what you think. It is definitely food for thought.

Sleepworld Is An Alternate Reality

The 4 Levels of Lucid Dreaming

I stumbled across this article from the folks at Psychology Today about lucid dreaming. The person who wrote it has a medical degree in neuroscience and a doctorate in philosophy. I don't know about you, but I would say that this individual has some sort of credibility. Who knows, I did read through it and agree with a lot of what they had to say. Note: the author of this blog does not hold any credentials within this field but has indeed mastered the art of lucid dreaming. Anyways, check it out. It pretty much sums up the definition of lucid dreaming well.     

Lucid Dreaming