What Is Lucid Dreaming?

   In a typical dream, the person sleeping is not aware that they are dreaming. That is not the case with lucid dreaming. A lucid dream is different because you know that you are dreaming. In other words, in your dream, you know that you have the power to control your reality!

   Experiences range from the dreamer slightly understanding that they are dreaming to being extremely aware of the fact that they are in a dream. Many people all over the world and throughout the ages have experienced lucid dreaming. Some have described it as an alternate reality where one can directly manipulate their environment and outcomes. If you are in a lucid dream, you can control situations that present themselves by simply thinking about whatever changes you want to experience at that moment. For example, in a regular dream you can be standing on top of a tall building, look down and be scared of falling whereas in a lucid dream, you could simply think about growing wings and happily fly away.

   The possibilities in a lucid dream are endless. You can become a superhero with invincible powers or transform yourself into a fish and navigate the vastness of the ocean. Philosophers of antiquity have proposed that knowledge and lessons can also be learned while lucid dreaming. Regular dreams tend to be confusing and cryptic whereas lucid dreams can be extremely vivid or easily comprehensible, hence the term lucid. 

   It has been said that many famous inventors came up with their ideas while experiencing very profound and enlightening dreams. Some have found similarities between lucid dreaming and OBEs or out-of-body experiences. OBE has been defined as leaving one’s body and some have also described it as witnessing oneself in the third person point of view. However, there are differences between the two and also be aware that we have yet to scratch the surface about dreaming altogether.

   The scientific community does not have a concrete explanation to the phenomenon of dreaming let alone lucid dreaming. People have always tried to explain why we dream and what they mean. Studies and experiments have been conducted in order to find these answers. Despite all of this, it is still a great mystery to us. We can’t directly ask dreamers what they are experiencing because they simply can’t tell us while asleep. As an outsider, the only actual way to know if somebody else is dreaming or having a lucid dream is until after the dreamer wakes up. In many cases, the dreamer is left with the desire to go back to that pleasant lucid dream and further explore the depths of their mind. 

   There are techniques that can be done to increase the likelihood of inducing a lucid dream and even prolong them. Some suggest that maybe one can accidentally trap themselves in a dream state and never wake up although there is no evidence to prove this. Others would argue however that their experiences with lucid dreaming would be worth that risk. Whatever the case may be, it is still a very interesting topic.

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