How To Control Your Dreams

   Everyone has the potential to have lucid dreams and anyone can train themselves to have them more often. For some, lucid dreaming is a common thing in their lives while others rarely get to experience one. There are several techniques that can be practiced in order to increase the chances of having a lucid dream. Some can be exercised throughout the day while others are supposed to be done right before you go to sleep.  These techniques are not difficult to implement in your daily routine, you just have to remember to do them. Anybody can have a lucid dream with enough practice and dedication. Regardless of what techniques you use, the goal is to be able to induce lucid dreams and possibly prolong them. 

   One popular technique is to ask yourself throughout the day if you are awake or if you are dreaming. What this will do is make it a habit for your mind to ask itself that question.  When you are dreaming, you will have a higher chance of coming to that realization and you will begin to take control of your dream.  It will make it easier for your waking consciousness to enter the dream. Once you recognize that you are indeed in a dream, the possibilities become limitless.  The only thing that could limit you is your own imagination. 

   It is also highly recommended that you write down your dreams and key items that stand out.  This will help you initiate more lucid dreams because those items will trigger that self-awareness.  Make it part of your daily morning routine to write down everything that you can remember about your dreams whether they are lucid or not.  Keep a journal or a notebook so that you can go back and reflect on your experiences.  Highlight the dreams that were lucid and take note of items that recur in your dreams.  If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, quickly write down everything that you can remember because you might forget your dream in the morning.  

   Many suggest meditating before going to sleep in order to condition and silence the mind. This way it becomes easier to slip into a lucid dream state.  Meditating allows you to help your mind focus and your conscious will have an easier time holding on to its self-awareness while you are falling asleep.  Also, some people become very excited when they realize that they are in a lucid dream and start to lose control of it as a result.  By meditating, you will have trained yourself to remain calm and prolong the dream.

   In addition to meditation, studies have shown that people tend to have more lucid dreams when they get more REM sleep.  You should be getting enough sleep every night and try to minimize distractions. Some people have also suggested sleeping in different positions.  It is possible that sleeping in a certain position might increase the chances of having a lucid dream.  If you implement these techniques and practice them on a daily basis, the possibility of having a lucid dream will increase significantly.

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